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Senate Bill 37 - 135th General Assembly

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Regards driver's license suspension law; financial responsibility

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To amend sections 1901.44, 1905.202, 1907.25, 2925.02, 2925.03, 2925.04, 2925.041, 2925.05, 2925.06, 2925.11, 2925.12, 2925.13, 2925.14, 2925.22, 2925.23, 2925.31, 2925.32, 2925.36, 2925.37, 2935.26, 2935.27, 2937.40, 2947.09, 3123.54, 3123.56, 3123.58, 3321.13, 3321.191, 4501.06, 4503.10, 4503.102, 4503.12, 4503.20, 4503.39, 4507.212, 4509.101, 4509.45, 4509.66, 4509.67, 4509.69, 4509.77, 4510.101, 4510.111, 4510.16, 4510.17, and 4510.22; to enact section 2929.33; and to repeal sections 2937.221 and 4510.32 of the Revised Code to make changes to the laws governing driver's license suspensions and to the laws governing penalties for failure to provide proof of financial responsibility.
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Commerce: Insurance Crimes, Corrections, and Law Enforcement Public Safety Transportation Transportation: Drivers' Licenses Transportation: Motor Vehicles Transportation: Traffic Offenses Transportation: Vehicle Registration and Titling


House Homeland Security Committee Senate Judiciary Committee

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