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A law passed by the legislature
A proposed law
Bill Analyses
The Legislative Service Commission staff produces Bill Analyses for bills scheduled for a committee hearing in either the Ohio Senate or Ohio House of Representatives. An analysis explains the changes made to existing law being proposed by a bill in narrative style, organized by topic, and includes a summary of the bill's key provisions. Access is provided to all analyzed Senate and House bills, resolutions, and joint and concurrent resolutions of the current session of the General Assembly. As a bill moves through Ohio's legislative process the bill's analysis is updated to reflect changes made in committee or on the floor of the Senate or House. Once both chambers pass a bill, LSC staff prepare a Final Analysis. This narrative updates the analysis to reflect the final action of the General Assembly and serves as a historical record of the Assembly's activity.
Provides the title and actions taken on every bill introduced in either house of the General Assembly.
A collection of laws, rules, or regulations organized by subject matter.
To collect and arrange laws, rules, and regulations by subject matter.
Comparative Bill Synopsis
Contains a brief description of the substantive differences between a substitute bill adopted by a House committee and the preceding version of the bill.
Conference Committee Amendment Synopsis
Contains a description of the recommendations of a conference committee.
Digest of Enactments
Provides a synopsis of all bills that have been enacted since the publication of the preceding Digest.
To establish by law.
The drafting of a resolution or bill in the legislature just prior to the final vote.
Enrolled Bill
The final copy of a bill or joint resolution that has been passed by both houses of the legislature and is ready for signature; a bill that has gone through all the steps necessary to make it a law.
Fiscal Note
Fiscal notes, prepared by the fiscal staff of the Legislative Service Commission, estimate the effects of proposed legislation on state and local government revenues and expenditures. Local impact statements, which are included in fiscal notes, are required for bills that could result in a net additional cost (as determined by LSC) to school districts, counties, municipalities, or townships. The information provided in fiscal notes and local impact statements can be useful for decision making even when dollar estimates are not possible.
To bring into accord or agreement.
Intent Statements
Sometimes, the legislature will amend or enact sections of law in response to judicial decisions and will legislatively declare through uncodified sections of law its intent to do so. These uncodified sections of law can serve as a powerful source of legislative history as to the intent or rationale behind the enactment of a statute.
The House and Senate Journals are the official printed records of the activities of the respective houses. The respective Clerk's office prints the journals on the day following each session day.
Lobbying Agents and Employers
Legislative Agents and Executive Agency Lobbyists must register with the Office of the Legislative Inspector General. This database, updated weekly, contains the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of all registered agents and their employers.
Ohio Revised Code
The laws of the state of Ohio are codified in the Ohio Revised Code. It is organized into titles, chapters, and sections. The 31 titles are the most general classifications and each is broken into chapters dealing with a particular topic of the law within the general subject of the title. Chapters are further divided into sections which contain the text of individual statutes pertaining to the chapter's subject matter.
Session Calendars
This tentative calendar gives the dates when the House and Senate will be in session or holding committee hearings.
Session Law
The Secretary of State's office compiles a list of all acts filed with their office. This list includes the date of filing, brief description, bill number and the bill's effective date(s).
Status Report of Legislation
The Legislative Service Commission updates the Status Report of Legislation regularly during those periods in which the General Assembly is in session. The Status Report of Legislation has a list of all bills and joint and concurrent resolutions introduced in the General Assembly. Users can also find the dates on which any legislative action was taken on each bill or resolution. It does not contain the full text of bills or resolutions.
An act of the legislature declaring, commanding, or prohibiting something.
Synopsis of Committee Amendments
Contains a brief description of substantive amendments adopted by a legislative committee in either House.