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Senate Bill 109 - 135th General Assembly

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Regards sex offenses, State Medical Board regulated persons

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To amend sections 149.43, 2105.062, 2305.111, 2907.01, 2907.02, 2907.03, 2907.06, 2907.17, 2907.18, 2921.22, 2929.42, 2950.01, 2950.151, 2971.01, 3107.07, 3109.50, 3111.04, 4730.25, 4730.26, 4730.32, 4730.99, 4731.22, 4731.224, 4731.99, 4759.05, 4759.07, 4759.99, 4760.13, 4760.14, 4760.16, 4760.99, 4761.03, 4761.09, 4761.14, 4761.99, 4762.13, 4762.14, 4762.16, 4762.99, 4774.13, 4774.14, 4774.16, 4774.99, 4778.14, 4778.18, and 4778.99 and to enact sections 4731.2210, 4759.14, and 4778.171 of the Revised Code regarding sex offenses and individuals regulated by the State Medical Board and to amend the version of section 2305.111 of the Revised Code that is scheduled to take effect October 12, 2028, to continue the change on and after that date.
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Crimes, Corrections, and Law Enforcement Crimes, Corrections, and Law Enforcement: Crime and Punishment Crimes, Corrections, and Law Enforcement: Sex Offenses Health and Human Services: Health Care Occupational Licensing and Regulation State and Local Government: Public Records


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