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Rep. Munira Expresses Solidarity with Palestinians

October 17, 2023
Munira Abdullahi News

COLUMBUS – State Rep. Munira Abdullahi (D-Columbus) last week took to social media to address the situation in Palestine. In the days that have passed, thousands of Palestinian civilians have been murdered by the state of Israel, and even more have been injured. With a heavy heart, Rep. Munira reiterates her solidarity with the people of Palestine.    

“To condemn violence without condemning the longstanding human rights violations is hypocrisy. To condemn the recent attacks and to have been silent throughout Israel’s occupation of Palestine is unjust. Over 70 years of occupation and dehumanization is what led to the tragic unfolding of events,” said Rep Munira. “I condemn the murder and kidnapping of all civilians. Ending the violence requires an end to the occupation. Escalation as Israel has called for and continues to perpetrate, is not the answer.”

The Israeli Defense Minister called for a ‘complete siege on Gaza’ stating, “There will be no electricity, no food, no water, no fuel...We are fighting against human animals and we are acting accordingly.”

“We cannot continue to support the brutal apartheid policies and call for peace at the same time. We are complicit in these crimes against humanity,” said Rep Munira.

The Gaza Strip, a 140-square-mile stretch of land with more than 2-million people, depends on Israel for most of its electricity and other basic services. Cutting off gas and power from the territory could leave many residents not only without power but without clean drinking water, proper sanitation, and health care.