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Rep. Munira Announces $22.2 Billion for Schools Under the Fair School Funding Plan

July 20, 2023
Munira Abdullahi News

COLUMBUS – State Rep. Munira Abdullahi (D-Columbus) today announced that the Ohio Controlling Board has released a $22.2 billion funding appropriation for school districts across Ohio. Thanks to the House Democrats fighting for school funding in the budget process, the formula is continuing to be implemented with updated 2022 data, increasing the state’s commitment to public education.

“As a passionate advocate for educational equity, I welcome the allocation of the 22.2 billion in school funding. Thank you to my colleagues who fought hard for it, against the push for tax cuts for the wealthy. While the budget could have been better, it marks a marginal improvement over previous formulas and provides children an opportunity to escape poverty through education. No child's education should suffer due to unfair funding practices. I remain committed to further improving funding in the future for a brighter, more equitable educational system,” said Rep. Munira.

The Fair School Funding Plan has been a Democratic priority for six years, and finally became law in the FY22-23 state operating budget. 

The Democratic Caucus also succeeded in funding a study to determine the true additional cost of educating an economically disadvantaged student. Nearly half of Ohio’s children are considered to be economically disadvantaged.