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Bill to Improve Local Government Transparency Passes House

June 9, 2020
Jeff LaRe News

COLUMBUS – State Representative Jeff LaRe (R-Violet Township) today announced the passage of House Bill 450, legislation that creates a layer of protection for outgoing and incoming local government fiscal officers while providing more transparency to local government actions to the taxpayer.

House Bill 450 creates a Certificate of Transition, which will provide local government fiscal officers with a checklist to ensure a smooth exchange of information between outgoing and incoming fiscal officers.

Through establishing the Certificate of Transition, House Bill 450 establishes a clear, auditable trail to protect both outgoing and incoming fiscal officers, including County Auditors, County Treasurers, Township Fiscal Officers and School Treasurers.

“I am proud to cosponsor this legislation,” said LaRe. “It ensures our local governments are being transparent with our constituency and fiscal officers are able to begin their terms on a strong note.”

Vanessa Niekamp, Fiscal Officer for Violet Township, supports House Bill 450 as her transition into the position in early April 2020 was far from smooth and organized.  

“Outgoing fiscal officers should at the very least be required to ensure the new fiscal officer has access to the appropriate records and accounts,” said Niekamp. “In my experience as the new fiscal officer for Violet Township, the records were removed from the office and hidden offsite and it was near impossible to get access to necessary accounts.

A fiscal officer’s responsibility should not stop the day a new individual is chosen for the role. I am grateful for this bill, as it will ensure new fiscal officers, like me, are provided with the basic tools necessary during a transition from one administration to the next,” concluded Niekamp.

House Bill 450 passed with a vote of 91-0 and now goes to the Senate for consideration.


For more information, contact Rep. LaRe’s office at (614) 466-8100 or