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Insurance Committee Bills

Committee Bills
Bill Title
H. B. No. 17 Regards workers' compensation in firefighter cancer claims
H. B. No. 125 Regards health insurance premiums and benefits
H. B. No. 139 Waive collection of certain unemployment overpayments
H. B. No. 153 Regards prescription drugs and medication switching
H. B. No. 160 Regards the provision of health care cost estimates
H. B. No. 270 Regulate practice of reducing benefits re: emergency services
H. B. No. 336 Regards health plan issuers, Medicaid, pharmacies, cancer drugs
H. B. No. 344 Regards limits on dental care by health insurers
H. B. No. 416 Establish private sector auto-enrollment retirement savings plan
H. B. No. 446 Provide universal health care coverage to all Ohio residents
H. B. No. 447 Regards workers' compensation and employees who work from home
H. B. No. 448 Regards prescription drug readers for visually impaired patients
H. B. No. 451 Revise physician-administered drug law
H. B. No. 460 Restrict occupational, physical therapy cost sharing requirements
H. B. No. 499 Allow certain disability retirees to continue benefits in office