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Committee Bills
Bill Title
H. B. No. 24 Require health plan and Medicaid coverage of biomarker testing
S. B. No. 58 Prohibit requiring firearms liability insurance or certain fees
S. B. No. 63 Require plaintiff in asbestos claim to file specified disclosures
H. B. No. 99 Regards reducing benefits related to certain emergency services
S. B. No. 115 Regards limitations imposed by health insurers on dental care
H. B. No. 130 Establish an exemption to prior authorization requirements
H. B. No. 142 Require health plan issuers and Medicaid to cover PANDAS, PANS
H. B. No. 156 Regards physician-administered drugs
H. B. No. 174 Establish and operate the Ohio Health Care Plan
S. B. No. 175 Regards insurance regulations and taxes
H. B. No. 291 Regards prescription drugs and medication switching
H. B. No. 336 Prohibit denial of dental claim based on age of the patient
H. B. No. 359 Require health plan issuers and Medicaid to cover PANDAS, PANS
H. B. No. 382 Regards prescription drug readers for visually impaired patients
H. B. No. 384 Cap cost sharing for prescription insulin drugs, diabetes devices
H. B. No. 400 Provide Medigap policy for certain Medicare-eligible individuals
H. B. No. 474 Enacts the Health Care Sharing Ministries Freedom to Share Act
H. B. No. 505 Enact the Community Pharmacy Protection Act
H. B. No. 509 Apply prescription drug rebates to cost-sharing requirements
H. B. No. 550 Require health insurers to cover certain preventive screenings
H. B. No. 559 Regards workers' comp-emergency workers' psychiatric conditions
H. B. No. 587 Regards certain forms of solicitation-Medicare supplement policy
H. B. No. 597 Require coverage of epinephrine and glucagon for minors
H. B. No. 619 Revise insurance, Medicaid coverage of breast cancer screenings