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Reps. Brennan and Dell'Aquila Announce New Funding for the Parma City Schools and Other Schools with Passage of HB33

April 28, 2023
Sean P. Brennan News

COLUMBUS- State Reps. Sean Patrick Brennan (D-Parma) and Richard Dell’Aquila (D-Seven Hills) jointly announced House passage of HB 33, which appropriates approximately an additional $7 million from the state of Ohio for the Parma City School District over fiscal years 2024 and 2025. Rep. Dell’Aquila announces additional funding for other schools also located within House District 15. The measure now proceeds to the Senate for deliberations there.

“Once again, Democrats and Republicans in the Ohio House of Representatives have come together—this time to support the proposed two-year balanced state budget. As I like to say, when members of both parties work together- Ohioans benefit,” said Rep. Brennan. “As a school teacher for nearly three decades, I am very honored and pleased that we are investing more state dollars in the education of our youth than ever before, including the Parma and Cleveland School Districts.”

“This budget was several months in the making, with representatives working at all hours to establish the state’s financial plans for the coming two years. It represents a compromise of many viewpoints, but strikes a balance between the majority and minority parties in the House,” said Rep. Dell’Aquila. “Of particular interest is the additional funding for Parma City Schools and for other public schools in District 15--almost $1 million more in Brecksville Broadview Heights Schools, almost $1.8 million more for the North Royalton Schools, about a $1.7 million increase for the Brooklyn City Schools, a $230,000 increase to Cuyahoga Heights Schools, and an increase for Cleveland Schools of about $29 million.”

HB 33 is a $200 billion balanced budget proposal for state operations in the coming two years that would also provide additional per student funding and assist the school districts to meet their operating costs over that time. We are hopeful that our Senate colleagues will also work collaboratively to find common ground and uphold the funding level proposed by the House.

For questions or inquiries, please reach out to:

Rep. Brennan at (614) 466-3485 or by emailing               

Rep. Dell’Aquila at (614) 466-3100 or by emailing