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Rep. Brennan Reaffirms Commitment to End Political Corruption, Protect Consumers

February 12, 2024
Sean P. Brennan News

COLUMBUS – State Rep. Sean Patrick Brennan (D-Parma) called today’s indictments of two former FirstEnergy executives and ex-Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) Chairman Sam Randazzo a glaring reminder that much more work remains to undo the damage done by the largest public corruption scandal in Ohio’s history.

“I commend the attorney general for seeking to hold those responsible for the high costs of the corrupt HB 6 to Ohioans. I will not rest until the entire bill is dismantled. That’s why I introduced HB 120, the HB 6 Repeal and Repay Act that would put an end to the fact Ohioans are still paying for the energy subsidies born out of this scandal. With legislation like that only then will we be able to begin to heal the wound this legislation inflicted on the faith people have in their state government,” said Rep. Brennan.

As part of its People First agenda, House Democrats have introduced several pieces of legislation this General Assembly aimed at weeding out corruption, strengthening ethics and protecting consumers.

  • HB 120 (Reps. Brennan/Weinstein) would fully repeal and refund subsidies established in HB 6 during the 133rd General Assembly that are still being paid by Ohioans to bail out two Ohio Valley Electric Corp. (OVEC) coal-fired power plants—one of which is located in Indiana. 
  • HB 112 (Reps. Miranda/Sweeney) would require dark money groups to identify their contributors and disclose their spending. 
  • HB 363 (Rep. Troy) would toughen requirements to serve on the PUCO Nominating Council and to serve as a PUCO Commissioner.
  • HB 393 (Rep. Baker) would require the PUCO to issue an order requiring the refund of any amounts collected by a public utility from consumers determined to be unlawful if the PUCO decision permitting that collection is reversed by the Ohio Supreme Court.