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Extremist Politicians Seek to Silence the Voice of the People with Passage of Undemocratic SJR 2

House Dems vow continued fight for Ohioans' Freedoms
May 15, 2023
Sean P. Brennan News

COLUMBUS – State Rep. Sean Patrick Brennan (D-Parma) denounces the passage of SJR 2 by the Ohio House of Representatives. House Democrats stood with the people and unanimously voted against the undemocratic, unfair, and unpopular resolution that will shred Ohio’s Constitution. 

“I am disappointed that this measure will cost hard working Ohioans - single moms, General Motors workers, small business owners, and all taxpayers - $20 million of their hard-earned dollars. It is truly unnecessary,” said Rep. Brennan. “The power voters have in Ohio to initiate and reject bills, laws, and constitutional amendments makes our state special. I cannot imagine that voters in Ohio will vote to dilute their voice at the ballot box.” 

The constitutional restriction would destroy more than 111 years of direct democracy that Ohioans have used to achieve their goals when unresponsive politicians would not listen. If passed, Ohioans would lose their freedom to determine the future of the state as 40% of voters could block initiatives the majority of people want. The resolution’s supermajority vote requirement for future constitutional amendments would tilt the scales of democracy away from voters and toward well-funded, out-of-state, dark-monied special interests.