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Representative Fowler Arthur's Statement on Vote to Expel Representative Householder

June 17, 2021
Sarah Fowler Arthur News

“In over two centuries of operation, many members of the House of Representatives have been indicted, some were found guilty and some innocent by a court of law. This is the first time the House has chosen to take action expelling a member before allowing due process to finish.

“I do not agree that today’s resolution to expel met the statutory definition of “disorderly conduct,” which is the only constitutionally allowed reason to expel a member. The proper remedy would have been an impeachment trial, which would have required witnesses and evidence.

“Many have been saying that if you didn’t vote for Representative Householder’s removal, you condoned the crimes of which he is accused, this is absurd. A person does not condone someone’s action by saying they have a right to due process. We are a nation of law and due process for all, elected representatives are neither above nor beneath the law. This does not cease to be true when it is politically inconvenient.”