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State Rep. Melanie Miller visits Medina County Career Center

Published By The Gazette on January 4, 2024
Melanie Miller In The News

MEDINA — State Rep. Melanie Miller, R-Ashland, explored the multiple career opportunities offered to students by the Medina County Career Center during a visit on Wednesday.

Some 1,100 juniors and seniors attend the Career Center, which has more more than 25 career-oriented programs available. MCCC Superintendent Steve Chrisman said about a third of the students are from Brunswick, a quarter from Medina and around 10 percent each from Black River, Buckeye Cloverleaf and Highland.

 Last year, 250 more students applied to MCCC than were accepted. Chrisman said there were about 78 students who applied for the construction trades program last year when there were only 25 openings. As a result of the increasing demand, MCCC is constructing a new building to house the program and double the number of spots.

“There’s a stigma that only the bad kids come to the Career Center, which is so false,” Miller said. “Look at all the opportunities and accreditations. If you do want to go right into the workforce, you have that pathway or if you want to go into the military or if you want to go into college, this is a great stepping stone to help you get a head start on your future.”

In fact, Miller has a similar background to the MCCC students because she also attended a career technical education school. In 2004, she graduated from Polaris Career Center in Cuyahoga County and specialized in medical assisting.

“I’m a huge advocate of career tech education,” Miller said to a group of students. “I’m so happy to hear that you’re taking your classes. I hope you all find that whether you pursue this degree or not, you will find that all the things you’re learning, the life skills, the relationships, will benefit you for the rest of your life.”

Also, as part of the visit, Miller stopped by Twiisted Burgers and Sushi, a local restaurant that is in partnership with the Career Center. Tracy Radabaugh from MCCC said students with disabilities are given the opportunity to learn restaurant skills through the collaboration with Twiisted.

“There’s a misnomer in the community that you hear of students with disabilities, and we all get an image in our head,” Radabaugh said. “Our job is to make sure that image is changed because we’ve got a workforce here. We’re working to train them and getting them out to do their thing.”

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