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Ghanbari Warns of Rising Unemployment Fraud Cases

February 3, 2021
Haraz N. Ghanbari News

State Rep. Haraz N. Ghanbari (R-Perrysburg) announces a surge in unemployment fraud cases throughout Ohio. With tax season approaching, many Ohioans have received unauthorized 1099-G forms, which may indicate an individual’s information was compromised and subsequently used to file fraudulent unemployment claims.

“My office has been working diligently with citizens in Wood County who have been affected,” said Ghanbari. “If you’re an Ohioan who received a 1099-G form and did not file for unemployment, or you have noticed unauthorized access of your personally identifiable information, it is imperative to take immediate action to further safeguard your identity.”

In January, ODJFS issued 1.7 million 1099-G tax forms to individuals whose information was used to apply for benefits. Many of those individuals were never paid unemployment benefits and did not know their identity had been compromised until they received a 1099-G form.

Additional potential fraud indicators include:

  • A letter from ODJFS stating that unemployment benefits have been applied for in your name.
  • A U.S. Bank ReliaCard for funds you do not recognize or were not expecting.
  • Notification from your employer that ODJFS is inquiring about unemployment benefits that you did not apply for.

Receiving a 1099-G form when an individual should not have is a primary indicator of possible identity theft. If this has happened, report the identity theft by calling (833) 658-0394 or online at