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Ghanbari Secures Local Project Financing and COVID-19 Relief Funding

June 4, 2020
Haraz N. Ghanbari News

State Rep. Haraz N. Ghanbari (R-Perrysburg) voted Thursday in favor of Senate Bill 310, which will provide continued capital reappropriations financing and federal COVID-19 relief funding to local governments and higher education institutions. Ghanbari acknowledged how this support will positively impact Wood County.

“We continued capital reappropriations funding totaling over $8.2 million in project financing within Wood County and CARES distribution to local governments significantly helping our county, cities, villages, and townships,” said Ghanbari.

Specifically, the continued capital reappropriations for Wood County are as follows:

-          Bowling Green State University - $7.9 million

-          Attorney General for Bowling Green Facility - $300,000

-          Owens Community College - $67,500

“Working diligently with leadership and the Finance Chair, I made sure the projects impacting Wood County remained intact and were reappropriated,” said Ghanbari. “I appreciate the continuous dialogue with Mayor Aspacher of Bowling Green and others regarding this important bill.”

The Inter-University Council of Ohio testified in support of the reappropriation portion of the bill. It cited several ongoing university projects around the state in urging support for the bill, including rehab and renovation work at Bowling Green State University.

Additionally, Wood County is set to be distributed a total of $4.16 million to the county, municipalities, and townships for COVID-19 related expenses through the CARES Act. In total, the bill appropriates up to $350 million statewide.

The legislation had many proponents, including the Wood County Commissioners as they submitted testimony in support of the legislation.

“Every day that passes, the weight of the COVID-19 pandemic grows on local government,” a letter read from the Wood County Commissioners. “We ask the House to take quick action on SB 310 and provide communities the federal support they desperately need.”

The bill passed with an emergency clause by a vote of 87-8. The legislation now heads over to the Senate for concurrence.