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Ghanbari Backs Law Enforcement in Budget Package

The bill includes funding for law enforcement training, body cameras, and crime reduction
July 22, 2021
Haraz N. Ghanbari News

State Rep. Haraz N. Ghanbari (R-Perrysburg) supported the finalized budget package under House Bill 110, which included many measures surrounding both law enforcement and crime reduction for the state. Ghanbari is a cosponsor of the bill and serves on the House Finance Committee where the budget went through the legislative process.

“I always have and always will be a strong advocate for our law enforcement professionals,” said Ghanbari. “I wanted to make sure that we included several measures that not only support our law enforcement officers and their training, but other areas that will help reduce overall crime rates within our area and throughout the state.”

Ghanbari, and Rep. Adam Miller (D-Columbus), introduced a bipartisan stand-alone bill that was later included within the budget package pertaining to the EEG combined transcranial magnetic stimulation program – a program to help veterans with substance use disorders and mental illness. The representative’s legislation included within House Bill 110 expands the program to be available to first responders and law enforcement officers. Additionally, it expands on the list of disorders and conditions that determines eligibility of treatment.

House Bill 110 also contains significant funding for various law enforcement purposes including $15 million for a one-year police training pilot program to assist law enforcement agencies with training costs. The legislation would also create a 12-member Law Enforcement Training Funding Study Commission to study possible long-term methods for providing state aid to law enforcement agencies for training peace officers.

Another initiative within the budget is funding for body cameras, specifically, $10 million for grants to state and local law enforcement to either implement or enhance body camera programs.

Fraternal Order of Police of Ohio (FOP) President Gary Wolske has commended public officials, including Ghanbari, on their work regarding law enforcement within the budget.

“We thank State Representative Haraz Ghanbari for his consistent commitment to law enforcement across Ohio,” said Wolske. “House Bill 110 addresses so many issues of importance to police officers across Ohio from mental health support to increased funds for training and equipment. The legislation seeks to fund initiatives to reduce crime through local law enforcement grants and addresses new frontiers of crime such as cyberattacks.

“The 23,000 members of the Ohio FOP applaud Representative Ghanbari, the House, Senate, and Governor for committing to keeping Ohio safe.”

Other highlights within House Bill 110 to help with crime reduction include:

  • Security Grants – $8.5 million for grants to non-profit groups, churches, chartered non- public schools and licensed preschools to improve security.
  • School Safety Grants – $24 million for safety grants for schools, educational service centers, local law enforcement agencies, and schools operated by county boards of developmental disabilities.
  • Crime Reduction Grants – Provides $4 million for grants to local law enforcement agencies for crime reduction initiatives.
  • Ohio Cyber Reserve – $1.5 million to support the Ohio Cyber Reserve, a civilian cyber reserve force that is part of the Ohio organized militia that is trained to educate and protect state government, Ohio’s critical infrastructure and its citizens from cyberattacks.
  • Protecting Children – $1 million for the Ohio Attorney General’s Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force.

House Bill 110 was signed into law earlier this month.