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Kick Announces Passing of HB 397 out of Ohio House

April 7, 2022
Darrell Kick News

COLUMBUS – State Representative Darrell Kick (Loudonville) announced today that both House Bill 397 passed out of the Ohio House on Wednesday by a vote of 85-8. 

House Bill 397 will provide clarity with regard to agriculture leases and their method of termination. 

This legislation will require that if an agriculture lease does not specify the method of termination for a written or verbal lease then the property owner must provide a written letter of termination on or before September 1. This must happen in the year the lease intends to be terminated to ensure the farmer and landlord are on the same page. 

“This legislation will reduce the need for litigation between neighbors and establish needed transparency between the landlord and tenant,” said Kick. 

It is important that the agriculture industry in Ohio operates smoothly and House Bill 397 will help grease the wheels of one of Ohio’s top industries.