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Minority Leader Russo, Rep. Grim Congratulate City of Columbus on Medical Debt Relief Announcement

October 16, 2023
C. Allison Russo News

COLUMBUS – Minority Leader Allison Russo (D- Upper Arlington) and State Rep. Michele Grim (D- Toledo) are thrilled to congratulate the City of Columbus on the announcement of their medical debt relief plan. This plan will provide relief for hundreds of thousands of Columbus residents and is a bold step to confront the medical debt crisis.

“Medical debt too often prevents hard-working Ohioans from securing financial stability. It’s amazing to see the Columbus Council following the example of local leaders around the country to cancel medical debt for residents and give these families a better chance at a more stable financial future,” said Leader Russo

“I applaud the City of Columbus and partnering hospitals for these efforts. Medical debt is a crushing force, and the number one reason Americans enter bankruptcy. This initiative will provide substantial relief for many in Columbus. In the time since I initially led medical debt abolishment efforts for the residents of Lucas County, nothing has brought me more pride than seeing other governments take the steps to abolish medical debt for their residents,” said Rep. Grim.

Medical debt leads Ohioans to make impossible decisions between financial or medical well-being. Abolishing medical debt is just one part of the effort to make healthcare more accessible for all. Ohio House Democrats continue the fight of making healthcare for all a reality, with bills such as House Bill (HB) 174 (the Ohio Health Care Plan), HB 190 (Black Maternal Health Week), and HB 7 (The Strong Foundations Act).