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Leader Russo statement as voter advocates object to latest state maps

January 26, 2022
C. Allison Russo News

COLUMBUS– Ohio Redistricting Commission member and House Minority Leader Allison Russo (D-Upper Arlington) today issued a statement after petitioners filed a legal objection against the state legislative district maps recently passed by the Redistricting Commission’s five Republican members. Leader Russo voted against the new maps on Jan. 22. 

“Our democracy should work for and include all of us. But a handful of Redistricting Commission members blatantly ignored what Ohio voters told us they wanted, not once, but twice. Instead of using their second chance to draw fair maps that best reflect the preferences of Ohio voters, these Commission members ignored the Court’s ruling and passed another map to favor their own party. I strongly believe this disregard for Ohioans will be remedied again by the Court, and the people will have the fair, constitutional maps they deserve.”