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Mathews and Hall Introduce Legislation to Bring Transparency to Tax Levies and Prevent Unfair Property Value Challenges

December 1, 2023
Adam Mathews News

COLUMBUS, OH – State Representatives Adam Mathews (R-Lebanon) and Thomas Hall (R-Madison Twp.) this week introduced legislation to promote transparency by preventing local governments from proposing replacement property tax levies. The bill will also prohibit local governments from filing certain property valuation complaints.

When replacement levies are passed, the taxable value of affected properties is updated and frequently raised, often without voters’ knowledge, which can result in unexpectedly higher taxes. This bill will allow local governments to either renew existing levies or propose increases or new levies directly, thereby ensuring that voters have full knowledge of the proposals and their effects.

Current law sets restrictions on the ability of local governments to attempt to raise property values through local boards of revision. Existing loopholes have allowed them to do so without abiding by these restrictions. This bill will protect homeowners and lessen tax increases by ensuring that local governments abide by the restrictions set in place to safeguard taxpayers and ensure transparency throughout the process.

“Ohioans are rightly worried about their property taxes, and we all must work together to address the causes of these tax increases,” Mathews said. “This bill puts the power over property taxes where it belongs: with the voter and the homeowner.” 

“I will continue to work on legislation that protects the Ohio homeowner,” Hall said. “We must continue to address rising property taxes.”

The bill currently awaits a House committee assignment.