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Last week, along with Senators George Lang and Steve Huffman, Representative Brian Lampton and I introduced legislation to once and for all eliminate the income tax for all Ohioans and the Commercial Activity Tax (CAT) by 2030. Ohio is ready to reclaim our role as the economic engine of the Midwest. This first step ensures Ohio is a destination for businesses to grow and attract people who want to work and live here, raise a family, and truly thrive. The time is now to begin, yet we recognize that change doesn't happen overnight. The Ohio income tax was instituted in 1971, and we have lost congressional seats in every single census since. To dig out of that rut has taken a similar time. Read Full Story
Fri, Feb 2, 2024
By rejecting a bill to protect children from gender surgeries and keep men out of women's sports, the governor has failed Ohioans. The legislature must act to override him. Read Full Story
Fri, Jan 5, 2024
Last month I introduced House Bill 1, which cuts income taxes for all Ohioans currently paying taxes, introduces a flat income tax system, and simplifies property taxes both now and in the future. This bill provides opportunities for Ohio families and businesses to thrive and makes Ohio a key economic model of the Midwest. Read Full Story
Wed, Mar 15, 2023

Legislators in eight blue states kicked off the year introducing a coordinated package of tax hikes targeting upper income households. While that effort attracted considerable media coverage, the m... Read Full Story

Fri, Feb 24, 2023