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Elected Officials Highlight Vital Committees Work Benefiting Community Growth

Published By WHIZ on February 13, 2024
Adam Holmes In The News

Some elected state and federal officials recently talked about some committees they’re a part of and how they’re helping our community.

Troy Balderson, U.S. Representative of the 12th Congressional District, is seated on many committees like the Energy and Commerce Committee, which is the largest jurisdictional committee in Congress.

“I’m blessed and honored to be a part of that,” Balderson said. “The sub committees that I serve on are the Energy Subcommittee, the Environment Subcommittee, and then the broadband Subcommittee. Every subcommittee I sit on represents the 12th Congressional District and it represents Muskingum County.”

State Representative Adam Holmes is the Chairman of the Aviation and Aerospace Committee and the Joint Medicaid Oversight Committee.

“I think those really reflect where a lot of our budgetary concerns are and where technology grows,” Holmes said. “I’m also a member of public utilities and we really have to look at supporting the electrification of not only Ohio but the United State and our region is really growing that.”

Holmes said with the oil and gas reverses to the east and the technology that’s coming up from the west that Muskingum County is centered perfectly in the middle.

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