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Measure cites damage to Ohio's economy, vital services
October 4, 2013

House Democrats announced today that they are introducing a House Concurrent Resolution calling on Speaker Boehner to end the political gamesmanship that has dominated the federal budget process and led to the government shutdown. The resolution is jointly sponsored by House Democratic Leader Tracy Maxwell Heard (D-Columbus) and Rep. Robert F. Hagan (D-Youngstown).

“To most Americans and Ohioans, it is clear that congressional Republicans have put ideology above people by leading our nation in to the shutdown,” said Rep. Hagan. “Aside from having tangible and detrimental effects for our economy—some of which are already being felt—the shutdown highlights how reckless Ohio Republicans are being with the needs and wants of average citizens. It is the shameful result of a desperate attempt to sabotage a healthcare policy they allegedly disagree with.”

The ill effects of the GOP-led shutdown have already been highly publicized during the first day of the halt in service. Some 52,000 federal employees in Ohio are now without paychecks. The Dayton Daily News reported that lost wages in the Miami Valley could total $5 million per day.

Proposes certain sentencing discretion returned to judges
October 4, 2013

State Representative Nick Barborak (D-Lisbon) gave testimony for his criminal sentencing legislation, House Bill 251, in the Ohio House Judiciary Committee. HB 251 would restore discretion to judges in sentencing fourth and fifth degree felony offenders.

Offers support of Ohio Graduate Debt Assistance & Employment Incentive Act
October 4, 2013

State Representative John M. Rogers (D-Mentor-on-the-Lake) offered testimony for the “Ohio Graduate Debt Assistance and Employment Incentive Act,” House Bill 246. The Graduate Debt Assistance Act would adjust the taxable income of recent graduates based on their student loan debt load, and it would offer incentives to employers who hire recent graduates. 

Clergy and civil rights groups lobby Governor, legislators to stop the bill
October 3, 2013

State Representative and President of the Ohio Legislative Black Caucus (OLBC) Alicia Reece (D-Cincinnati) was joined by OLBC members and statewide community leaders for a Day of Action against a proposed Stand Your Ground law in Ohio. The group held a press conference to address the dangers of Stand Your Ground; delivered petitions and municipal resolutions opposing the bill to Governor Kasich, Senate President Faber and House Speaker Batchelder; lobbied state legislators; and hosted a faith rally. 

Internal procedures should show conflict-of-interest determinations, lawmakers renew call for JobsOhio Accountability Act
September 27, 2013
Potential Conflicts of Interest at JobsOhio Raise Red Flag

On Wednesday, a disturbing news report came out highlighting what Democratic lawmakers have believed for some time; JobsOhio is not even following its own lax ethics laws. According to JobsOhio’s own conflict of interest policy, recently renewed with the Development Services Agency (DSA) and on file with the controlling board, JobsOhio’s directors and officers are required to disclose any conflict or potential conflict to fellow board members for formal consideration of whether or not a conflict exists.

The Ohio Ethics Commission (OEC) announced Wednesday that potential conflicts of interest do exist at the controversial state economic development entity. Yet records show that the JobsOhio board has not disclosed any potential conflicts.

State Rep. John Patrick Carney (D-Columbus) filed a public records request in August with DSA to obtain documentation of the initiated conflict of interest policy. No such records were ever returned, and JobsOhio later publicized their belief that no potential conflicts of interest existed to ever trigger the ethics policy.

“It is one thing to have relatively low ethics standards at JobsOhio, but when they can’t even follow their own internal policies it’s a giant red flag,” said Rep. Carney. “This is proof positive for Governor Kasich and the GOP that it’s time for accountability and transparency at JobsOhio. JobsOhio has had numerous chances to do the right thing, but they just won’t play by the rules—even when they write the rules apparently.”

House Democrats have made numerous calls for transparency and accountability at the state’s controversial economic development entity, but Gov. Kasich and legislative Republicans have only passed legislation to further secrecy at JobsOhio. The JobsOhio

Raise concerns over GOP effort to limit public discussion on pending law changes
September 25, 2013
House Democrats Push to Restore Common-sense Healthcare Policies for Women

On Tuesday, Representatives Kathleen Clyde (D-Kent) and John Patrick Carney (D-Columbus) revealed findings of the women’s heath informal hearing held on Sept. 18 and further exposed the attacks on women’s healthcare in Gov. Kasich’s budget with Stephanie Kight, President & CEO of Planned Parenthood of Ohio. Reps. Clyde and Carney announced that they will introduce legislation to repeal the controversial and dangerous attacks on women in the state budget. The lawmakers also denounced House Republicans for attempting to suppress all discussion about Ohio women’s health.

In addition to unilaterally preventing Ohio Government Television from broadcasting last week’s event, House Republicans refused Democratic requests to use Statehouse facilities today.

“We’re focused on moving healthcare for Ohio women forward, and I think that the GOP attempts to silence us underscore their contempt for a broader discussion about their dangerous decrees for Ohio women,” said Rep. Clyde. “Hiding these harmful provisions in the state budget at the 11th hour, in the dark of night and with no public input is demeaning and degrading to the dignity of Ohio women. But, trying to limit publicly elected officials from speaking out against bad public policy has no place in our representative democracy. Freedom and liberty are fundamental to the health of our nation and to Ohio’s women.”

Legislative group to discuss school funding issues
September 25, 2013
Cincinnati Lawmaker continues push for Voter Bill of Rights
September 23, 2013

State Representative and President of the Ohio Legislative Black Caucus Alicia Reece (D-Cincinnati) discussed Ohioans’ battle with voter suppression and disenfranchisement during her testimony before the Presidential Commission on Election Administration today.

“Ohioans have had to fight to have their provisional ballots counted and have faced voter suppression tactics, including attempts to shorten early voting periods and implement stricter voter ID laws,” said Rep. Reece. “We expect leadership from our statewide elected officials, especially from those tasked with overseeing the fundamental American right to vote. Unfortunately, the actions of Ohio’s elected officials are clearly aimed at restricting voter participation.”

Youngstown lawmaker's proposal to require lobbyist salary disclosure
September 23, 2013

State Representative Robert F. Hagan (D-Youngstown) announced today that he will be introducing legislation to require that lobbyists report their annual salaries. The effort would render a more complete picture of the financial influence of special interests at our state’s capitol. The legislative proposal follows Common Cause Ohio’s recent “Troublesome Gap in Transparency” report that detailed oil and gas industry donations of two millions dollars to Ohio politicians in the past two years

“Two million dollars is a pretty effective means to making some new friends, but it doesn’t represent the millions more that the industry is likely spending,” said Rep. Hagan. “I just want to make sure that the public has a full understanding of the vast resources being spent to promote a specific agenda.”  

Public access to government dictated by GOP ideology
September 18, 2013
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