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Hall Introduces 'Innovate the Code' Bill

April 11, 2022
Thomas Hall News

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State Rep. Thomas Hall (R-Madison Twp.) introduces House Bill 524, which is otherwise known as the “Innovate the Code” bill. The proposal modernizes state government to save taxpayer dollars. Hall recently spoke to the bill during its first committee hearing.

“Simply put, this is a ‘good government’ bill that simplifies and streamlines in a way to save an estimated $4.4 million in taxpayer dollars and over 58,000 hours of labor through efficiency improvements over the next 10 years,” Hall said. “This is a piece of legislation that we can all rally behind to make Ohio more efficient and save taxpayer money.”

Hall notes millions in taxpayer dollars can be saved by modernizing the Ohio Revised Code. The bill has many cost-saving provisions including:

  • Replacing certified mail with electronic delivery of tax assessments, saving $3.4 million a year;
  • Providing public notice on the EPA website and electronic correspondence instead of certified mail, saving $750,000 a year;
  • Allowing electronic submission of oil and gas application, reports, test results and feed through the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, saving $102,000 a year;
  • Allowing advertisements of contract bids electronically through the Ohio Department of Transportation, saving $86,000 a year; and
  • Requiring electronic submission of court records and abstracts pertaining to traffic violations, saving $73,000 a year.

Hall acknowledged he has worked with Lt. Gov. Jon Husted, CSI and other state agencies on the legislation. To watch Hall’s full committee testimony, please visit here.

House Bill 524 awaits further consideration in the House Government Oversight Committee.