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Richard Dell'Aquila Biography

Representative Richard Dell'Aquila serves the people of House District 15

State Representative Richard Dell'Aquila currently serves in his first term in the Ohio House of Representatives representing House District 15, which includes six communities in south central Cuyahoga County and a portion of southern Cleveland. An experienced attorney for over four decades and a small business owner, Representative Dell'Aquila previously served eight years as Seven Hills Mayor/Safety Director and several terms on Seven Hills City Council.

During his time in public office, navigating the many strong opinions of others has been one of his strengths to build consensus, reach decisions and create progress. Rep.Dell'Aquila believes some of the best outcomes can result from debates that are intense, but civil. Rep.Dell'Aquila has demonstrated the qualifications, experience and a collegial approach needed to advance the concerns of his constituents and help Ohio continue building a future of opportunity, prosperity, and safety.

Rep. Dell'Aquila advocates for workforce development, for supporting our police to keep our communities safe, and for maintaining Ohio's position as a leader in commerce, education, health, agriculture and manufacturing. In addition, he will strive to protect our rights, especially those of our most vulnerable citizens, such as senior and disabled Ohioans, as well as promoting greater transparency and efficiency in government.

Rep. Dell'Aquila was raised in a blue-collar union family in Cleveland before moving with his parents to Seven Hills, where he now resides with his wife, a retired school administrator who holds a doctoral degree. His father was an autoworker and very active in the United Auto Workers until his retirement. His mother set annual real estate sales records before forming her own successful brokerage firm. His sister is a medical geneticist.

Rep. Dell'Aquila is focused on providing competent, trusted leadership on behalf of his constituents and remaining actively involved with District 15 communities by sharing ideas, and more importantly, listening and seeking out real-world solutions for real-life issues.