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Rep. Humphrey Calls Colonial Village Apartments Eviction Urgent Humanitarian Crisis

November 30, 2023
Latyna M. Humphrey News

 COLUMBUS – State Rep. Latyna M. Humphrey (D-Columbus) today issued a statement on the distressing developments unfolding at the Colonial Village Apartments where over 800 immigrants, many of whom are of Haitian descent, were found to be illegally housed in substandard and condemned units

“The residents of Colonial Village Apartments are facing an immediate humanitarian crisis that demands our swift attention and resolution. The illegal, substandard, and condemned conditions that approximately 860 individuals have endured are wholly unacceptable. These neglectful property management practices of the previous property management team jeopardized the well-being and safety of these individuals, as well as the broader community,” said Rep. Humphrey.

The deplorable conditions have sparked an urgent call for action as Capstone Real Estate Services mandates all occupants, including those with legitimate leases, to vacate the complex by December 31st, 2023. Notably, the complex had previously been declared a public nuisance in August 2021.

Commending the City of Columbus for its initiative in allocating approximately $1 million to rehouse the refugees and Colonial Village residents, Rep. Humphrey highlighted the need to address the unfolding crisis.

“Now, we face yet another critical challenge. It is imperative that we seek housing solutions to accommodate our constituents’ needs while also identifying resources for food, moving, and transportation expenses. Families are grappling with uncertainties regarding their belongings, the impact of relocation on their employment, and their children’s education. This situation is deeply disheartening,” said Rep. Humphrey

In response to the pressing needs of constituents, Rep. Humphrey will continue to actively collaborate with both public and private entities to alleviate their burdens. 

As part of this effort, an initiative titled “Warm the Block” will be launched on December 15th at 4300 Kimberly Parkway, starting at 6:00 pm. The drive aims to collect coats and warming essentials in support of the affected residents at Colonial Village Apartments.  

A public announcement  for the “Warm the Block” event.