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Rep. Humphrey Announces Funding for Domestic Violence Shelters, Law Enforcement Agencies, and Other Non-Profits Across Ohio

October 4, 2023
Latyna M. Humphrey News

COLUMBUS – State Rep. Latyna M. Humphrey (D-Columbus) this week announced that the Controlling Board has approved the release of $2M of remaining Coronavirus Emergency Supplemental Funding to provide Ohio’s domestic violence shelters, law enforcement agencies, and other non-profits with additional resources.

“I am pleased that the Controlling Board approved these funds and appropriated them to the right social issues. It is time we take things like domestic violence, infant vitality, and the overall health of our community seriously. Although this isn’t a fix-all solution, this is a step in the right direction,” said Rep. Humphrey.

Additionally, the Controlling Board approved $1.6M to be used for Ohio Peace Officer Training. These additional funds will help pay for staff and resources necessary to carry out the new Law Enforcement Training program. The most recent state operating budget allowed law enforcement officers to be reimbursed for up to 40 hours of professional education. This increase in funds for fiscal year 2024 will allow for reimbursements to law enforcement agencies for their officers' continued professional training. 

Some other items approved by the Controlling Board include:

  • $1.8M for the Ohio Department of Health’s Bureau of Maternal and Infant Vitality. These funds will go towards efforts to lower the black infant mortality rate and preventative measures to reduce tobacco use among mothers.
  • $1.3M for research regarding technology to improve Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) employee safety in work zones. The safety of ODOT work crews is a concern, as there were 4,796 accidents in Ohio work zones in the year 2021. This investment into employee safety will provide funding for the development of life saving technology.
  • $1M for the Department of Veterans Services to secure temporary nursing resources for Ohio Veterans Homes and help combat the ongoing nursing shortage. This increase in funds will be used to secure a contract with a private nursing agency to fill the empty positions in many Ohio Veterans Homes.
  • $889,500 to help communities with limited access to medical care develop school-based health centers. These funds will be used to support the Ohio School-Based Health Center Alliance which works to remove barriers to healthcare by implementing health centers in or near schools.