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Rep. Humphrey announces 3.3M in new capital funds for 26th House District

Ohio House of Representatives passes $3.5 billion capital budget
June 2, 2022
Latyna M. Humphrey News

COLUMBUS – State Representative Latyna M. Humphrey (D-Columbus) announced the passage of the capital budget, House Bill (HB) 687, by the Ohio House of Representatives. The capital budget appropriates resources to state owned infrastructure, colleges, universities and school districts, as well as other community projects. The capital budget is typically passed every 2 years with this year’s budget appropriating over $3.5 billion to counties across Ohio, with $191 million being allocated to community projects. 

“I am extremely proud of all the funds I could advocate for in the FY23-FY24 Capital Budget. However, I am saddened at the amount of community projects that were not funded in this bill, such as Crittenton Community Center and Vista Village. I am confident that projects such as these will contribute greatly to the economic development of Columbus’s east side. I want to assure my constituents that I will not stop fighting, and I will advocate tirelessly for funds to be appropriated to Columbus’s most underserved communities,” said Rep. Humphrey. 

Rep. Humphrey helped to secure $3,350,000 in funding for a number of community projects, including: 

$ 250,000 for Rickenbacker Boyhood Home;
$ $2,250,000 for Ronald McDonald House of Central Ohio;
$ 50,000 for Big Walnut Trail SE Columbus - Eastland Area;
$ $500,000 for Goodwill Columbus;
$300,000 for Rockwell District Cultural and Arts Amphitheater-Whitehall.

Rep. Humphrey also advocated for $4,250,000 in funding for a number of projects of countywide significance, including:

$ $500,000 for Liberians in Columbus, Incorporated (LICI);
$ $2,000,000 for directions for youth and families’ Crittenton Community Center;
$ 1,000,000 for Vista Village INC;
$ 750,000 for community housing Networks’ Poplar fen place.

The capital budget now heads to the Governor’s desk for approval.