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Rep. Humphrey announces $15 million to support Ohio foodbanks

October 5, 2022
Latyna M. Humphrey News

COLUMBUS – State Rep. Latyna Humphrey (D-Columbus) announced that the State Controlling Board approved $15 million from Democrats’ American Rescue Plan Act to support foodbanks across Ohio.

“Make no mistake: I’m certain constituents of Ohio’s 26th House District will benefit from the $15 million that will go toward food distribution to support Ohio foodbanks. However, foodbank organizations have made it clear that $15 million will not nearly be enough to address food insecurity needs. While I’m grateful to see this funding, I think it is important that we listen to these leaders and organizations that are not only boots on the ground assessing distribution needs, but who are also experts with regard to the issue,” said Rep. Humphrey. 

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, foodbanks have played a significant role in providing food to Ohioans in need. Foodbanks have asked for more than $50 million in emergency funding from the American Rescue Plan Act to offset this increased demand and keep shelves stocked. This $15 million is welcome assistance, but more funds still need to be allocated to ensure food security for Ohio families.

Other approved items include:

·         $18.2 million to aid the Ohio Department of Health and local health departments’ COVID-19 vaccine administration efforts

·         Nearly $2.1 million to replace emergency communications equipment for Ohio Public Television and Radio

·         $930,000 to provide cribs, safe sleep kits, and safe sleep education information for Ohio families

·         $3 million to protect the Ohio poultry industry by preventing the spread of the Avian flu