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House Passes Bill to Expand Renewable Energy Tax Credit in Ohio

May 8, 2024
Justin Pizzulli News

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COLUMBUS—The Ohio House of Representatives today passed House Bill 264, which will expand the type of facilities that are eligible for the Renewable Energy Tax Credit in the State of Ohio, announced bill sponsor, State Rep. Justin Pizzulli (R-Scioto County). Pizzulli sponsored this legislation alongside State Rep. Mark Johnson (R-Chillicothe).

The bill will specifically expand eligibility for the Renewable Energy Tax Credit to facilities that produce energy through the means of steam recovered from waste heat.

“By expanding this tax credit, we incentivize more industries to harness and repurpose what would otherwise be wasted energy,” said Pizzulli during session. “This legislation promotes sustainable industrial practices that bolster our economy and protect our environment.”

This legislation was inspired by SunCoke Energy, an industrial facility located in Pizzulli’s district, and aims to help avoid reliance on non-renewable energy sources and pursue clean energy expansion in Ohio.

House Bill 264 now heads to the Ohio Senate for consideration.