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Rep. Brent responds to LaRose letter regarding 2022 primary

February 23, 2022
Juanita O. Brent News

COLUMBUS– Today, State Rep. Juanita Brent (D-Cleveland) responded to a letter sent to legislators by Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose in which he explained Ohio will likely be unable to move forward with the scheduled May 3 primary election because constitutional state legislative and congressional maps are not in place. 

“The Secretary of State is a member of the Redistricting Commission and had the power to vote for fair, constitutional maps, but he chose not to. He is partly responsible for creating this mess,” said Rep. Brent. “The suggestion to create two primaries would be extremely costly for taxpayers and place an unnecessary strain on voters and election officials. The legislature has the ability to move the primary to a later date if we decide that is the best course of action, and Democrats are willing to discuss that so long as we adopt the fair and constitutional maps Ohio voters deserve.”