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Patient and Health Provider Protection Act Receives Strong Proponent Testimony

April 28, 2023
Jennifer Gross News

COLUMBUS—The Dave and Angie Patient and Health Provider Protection Act, House Bill 73, this week received its second hearing in the House Health Provider Services Committee, announced bill sponsor, State Rep. Jennifer Gross (R-West Chester).

The committee heard testimony from 24 proponents of the legislation.

The bill achieves four overarching goals:

1. Protects Ohio citizens’ access to potentially life-saving off-label use medications

2. Protects a prescribing healthcare provider, pharmacy, or pharmacists’ ability to fill off label prescriptions

3. Protects the free speech of health providers and their right to express independent medical opinions when they differ from that of health and licensing agencies

4. Protects patients from being denied nutrition or standard daily medications in the hospital if they do not consent to a particular protocol treatment

"This legislation helps protect providers and patients’ access to effective treatments without fear of retribution,” said Gross. “Reducing barriers is key to our health strategy and the well-being of our state. I'm thankful for the collaborative effort of Representative Mike Loychik and Ohio Advocates for Medical Freedom in bringing this legislation forward to protect Ohioans.”

The Patient and Health Provider Protection Act will continue to receive hearings in the House Health Provider Services Committee.