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Gross Supports House Passage of Born Alive Protection Act

December 9, 2021
Jennifer Gross News

COLUMBUS – The Ohio House of Representatives yesterday passed Senate Bill 157, the Born Alive Protection Act, to protect the lives of a child who is born alive after a failed abortion. State Representative Jennifer Gross (R-West Chester), a member of the Ohio Pro-life Caucus, voted yes in support of the bill.

“As a pro-life state we must continue advocating for the innocent. Together we must demonstrate that in Ohio we value life, and that it is our mission to protect the unborn.”

Under the bill, a physician who performs or attempts an abortion in which a child is born alive must immediately provide life-saving care. Additionally, if the physician who performs the abortion does not attempt to save the child if they are born alive, they can be sued for the crime of abortion manslaughter. 

The Ohio House Pro-life Caucus works on pro-life, pro-family legislation. Currently, the caucus has 32 Republican members.