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Gross Issues Statement on Natural Gas Energy Legislation

October 21, 2022
Jennifer Gross News

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State Representative Jennifer Gross (R-West Chester) endorses House Bill 685, which would strengthen the use of our natural gas energy resources in Ohio.

Gross issued the following statement on the pending bill:

“Ohio is one of the leading producers of natural energy resources in the United States and has the seventh-largest natural gas storage capacity in the country. 

“Right now, local areas in Ohio are experiencing economic stagnation or decline. With our role as one of the strongest energy providers in the nation and with most Ohioans using natural gas energy to heat their homes, it is imperative that we take this step to fortify the expanded use of our great state’s resources.

“As a member of the Economic and Workforce Development Committee, I firmly support this initiative. HB 685 will reinforce our current infrastructure and provide monetary incentives to encourage even more natural gas pipeline development.

“I look forward to backing our natural gas energy resources and reinvesting in those underdeveloped areas for the benefit of the constituents in my House district and for all Ohioans. I am thankful to Representative Jay Edwards for bringing this bill forward.”