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Ohio House Begins Hearing the Human Life Protection Act

April 28, 2022
Jean Schmidt News

COLUMBUS - Yesterday, House Bill 598 had its first hearing with the Ohio House Government Oversight Committee, announced the bill sponsor and State Representative Jean Schmidt (R-Loveland).

“I’m thrilled to see this legislation gaining momentum,” said Schmidt. “I was happy to provide sponsor testimony and look forward to rolling up my sleeves for further work.” 

Also known as the Human Life Protection Act, the measure would enforce state abortion law if either of the following occurs: 

  • The United States Supreme Court allows states to prohibit abortion.
  • The U.S. Constitution is amended to authorize states to prohibit abortion.

The legislation is designed as a “trigger ban,” meaning the provisions of the bill would automatically go into effect if Ohio is granted state power over abortion.  Provisions include a ban on all abortions in Ohio, a fourth-degree penalty for performing an illegal abortion in the state, immunity to women on whom an illegal abortion is performed and affirmative defense for abortions performed to save the life of a mother. 

Thirteen states have already passed trigger ban legislation in anticipation of Roe v. Wade being overturned. Schmidt is hopeful that states will once again have the power to outlaw abortion with the USSC hearing Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization. 

“In Ohio alone, nearly 21,000 unborn children are unjustly killed every year. This has to stop. The time has come for Ohio to join these other states and truly stand up for the rights of the unborn,” said Schmidt. 

The Human Life Protection Act now awaits a second hearing.