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Callender Makes Push for Increased Transparency on JCARR

April 19, 2021
Jamie Callender News

State Rep. Jamie Callender (R- Concord) today, as Chair of the Joint Committee on Agency Rule Review (JCARR), issued a reminder to agencies being called up for the policy to rule discussion. This continues Callender’s commitment to serving the goals of the Legislature following Senate Bill 221 of the 132nd General Assembly.

SB 221 allows JCARR to act on agencies that improperly rely upon a principle of law or policy. The bill was an effort to bring more transparency to agency operations. The agencies involved in the policy to rule discussion on May 10 are the Department of Education and the State Medical Board and the policies in question are the Federal Grant Risk Assessment Tool used for community schools and an aspect of the scope of practice of podiatry.

“This is an ongoing process and I encourage members of both the Legislature and of the public to contact JCARR if they find an agency operating outside of legislative intent,” said Callender. “This isn’t about playing gotcha; It’s about making sure our government is working the way it was intended with clarity and transparency.” 

ORC Section 101.352 provides that if JCARR becomes aware that an agency is relying upon a principle of law or policy that should have been replaced by its restatement in a rule, the chairperson of JCARR may request the agency to appear before the Committee to address the purported reliance.

The agencies will appear for the May 10, 2021 JCARR meeting for review. Following the May 10 meeting, JCARR will decide whether or not an agency requires a deeper dive within the confines of ORC Section 101.352.

Also today, Representative Callender served as Acting Speaker of the House of Representative’s non-voting session. Non-voting sessions allow the chamber to go about their regular business on days where full voting sessions do not take place. Callender has been regularly called on in the past to aid the House in this capacity.