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Ways and Means Committee Passes Bill to Address Property Tax Increases

September 20, 2023
Bill Roemer News

COLUMBUS – State Representative Bill Roemer (R–Richfield), Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, reports the favorable passage of House Bill 187 out of committee.

The important legislation, known as the Ohio Homeowners Relief Act, will protect Ohioans by modifying the procedures used by auditors to calculate property valuations.

“To make property tax assessments more accurate, homes will be assessed over the past three years instead of relying on only the most recent year of property values,” Roemer said. “This change is needed as property values have skyrocketed due to multiple factors including low housing inventory and inflation. We must do what we can to protect vulnerable Ohioans.”

The proposed legislation will have the commissioner work alongside local elected officials and weigh the past three years of a county’s property values to determine property tax. The legislative change is a result of recent increases in property valuations throughout several Ohio counties. This modification puts authority with locally elected auditors rather than the Ohio Department of Tax.

The Ohio Homeowners Relief Act was voted out of committee with strong bipartisan support and awaits a vote on the House floor.