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House Bill 496 - 134th General Assembly

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Regulate the practice of certain categories of midwives

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To amend sections 3701.351, 4723.01, 4723.02, 4723.06, 4723.07, 4723.08, 4723.271, 4723.28, 4723.282, 4723.33, 4723.34, 4723.341, 4723.35, 4723.41, 4723.43, 4723.431, 4723.432, 4723.481, 4723.483, 4723.484, 4723.487, 4723.488, 4723.4810, 4723.4811, 4723.50, 4723.91, 4723.99, 4731.22, and 4731.27 and to enact sections 4723.53, 4723.54, 4723.55, 4723.551, 4723.56, 4723.57, 4723.58, 4723.581, 4723.582, 4723.583, 4723.584, 4723.59, and 4723.60 of the Revised Code to regulate the practice of certified nurse-midwives, certified midwives, and certified professional midwives and to amend the versions of sections 3701.351, 4723.431, and 4723.481 of the Revised Code that are scheduled to take effect on September 30, 2024, to continue the changes to those sections on and after that date.
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Health and Human Services: Health Care Occupational Licensing and Regulation


House Families, Aging, and Human Services Committee

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