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House Bill 356 - 134th General Assembly

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Regards drug offenses and treatment

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To amend sections 127.19, 2152.021, 2743.60, 2901.01, 2921.01, 2923.01, 2925.01, 2925.03, 2925.11, 2929.01, 2929.13, 2929.14, 2941.1410, 2951.02, 2951.08, 2967.131, 2967.28, 3719.062, 3719.21, 4141.01, 4723.51, 4729.75, 4729.79, 4730.55, 4731.056, 5747.01, and 5751.01 and to enact sections 121.53, 313.213, 341.231, 341.232, 2925.111, 2925.112, 2925.113, 2935.34, 2951.023, 2967.49, 2967.50, 2967.51, 2967.52, 2967.53, 2967.54, 2967.55, 2967.56, 2967.57, 2967.58, 2967.59, 2967.60, 3719.065, 3719.066, 4123.392, 4729.811, 5120.67, 5120.85, 5139.60, 5139.61, 5139.62, 5139.63, and 5164.7516 of the Revised Code regarding a proposal to reduce the abuse of prescription opioids, to establish addiction treatment facilities, to increase penalties for drug trafficking violations, to modify penalties for drug possession, to require an offender convicted of a drug possession or drug trafficking offense involving certain drugs to be subject to ten years of post-release control, to allow a criminal defendant who has a severe substance use disorder involving certain drugs to be confined by a state detoxification provider while awaiting trial, to create restitution work programs, and to make an appropriation.
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