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Ways and Means Committee Bills

Committee Bills
Bill Title
H. B. No. 1 Modify the law regarding property taxation and income tax rates
H. J. R. No. 6 CA: Limit property tax increases to four per cent per year
H. B. No. 39 Make the earned income tax credit partially refundable
S. B. No. 39 Exempt certain baby products from sales and use tax
H. B. No. 53 Authorize refundable tax credits for hiring certain veterans
H. B. No. 60 Increase amount of and expand the homestead exemption
H. B. No. 90 Authorize property tax exemption for disabled veterans, spouses
H. B. No. 108 Enact Nonprofit Workforce Reinvestment Act
H. B. No. 126 Expand municipal income tax exemption for military pay
H. B. No. 134 Require notice to lienholders in tax certificate sales
H. B. No. 138 Classify certain pass-through entity payments as business income
H. B. No. 166 Subject foreign temporary ag workers to municipal income taxes
H. B. No. 186 Exempt sales of firearm safety devices from sales and use tax
S. B. No. 186 Regards payment of property tax, sale of tax-foreclosed property
H. B. No. 189 Exempt from taxation the sale of certain firearms and ammunition
H. B. No. 199 Modify computation of the personal income tax joint filer credit
H. B. No. 200 Modify tax: income subject to other state pass-through entity tax
H. B. No. 254 Regards homestead property tax exemption for disabled veterans
H. B. No. 263 Authorize a property tax freeze for certain owner-occupied homes
H. B. No. 274 Authorize enhanced homestead exemption for certain homeowners
H. B. No. 280 Regards lead testing, certification, and tax credits
H. B. No. 290 Authorize the refundable thriving families tax credit
H. B. No. 386 Phase-out state income tax; repeal commercial activity tax
H. B. No. 402 Authorize property tax reduction in 2023 for certain properties
H. B. No. 405 Authorize income tax credit for disability-related home expenses
H. B. No. 447 Regards property tax exemptions, restrictions and land value
H. B. No. 451 Enact Withholding Illegal Revenue Entering Drug Markets Act
H. B. No. 543 Regards property tax payments, sale of tax-foreclosed property
H. B. No. 576 Authorize tax credits for certain employer-provided child care
H. B. No. 577 Authorize income tax credit for certain child care expenses
H. B. No. 578 Authorize income tax credit-contributions to child care programs
H. B. No. 579 Allow township to levy a tax to pay for school resource officers
H. B. No. 598 Exempt public safety personnel retirement income from income tax