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Ways and Means Committee Bills

Committee Bills
Bill Title
H. R. No. 35 Create House Select Committee on Property Tax Education and Reform
H. B. No. 48 Incorporates federal IRS changes
H. B. No. 59 Make earned income tax credit partially refundable
H. B. No. 71 Exempt certain housing from property taxation
H. B. No. 79 Authorize tax credit for certain caregiver expenses
H. B. No. 86 Regards bonus depreciation adjustments for certain taxpayers
H. B. No. 124 Equalize pass-through entity withholding and business tax rate
H. B. No. 197 Authorize income tax credit-training commercial vehicle operator
H. B. No. 207 Increase amount/expand qualification for homestead exemption
H. B. No. 225 Grant tax credits to volunteer peace officers, firefighters, EMS
S. B. No. 231 Authorize income tax refund - deceased taxpayer's fiduciary
H. B. No. 234 Repeal the commercial activity tax
H. B. No. 249 Authorize tax credit for certain charitable contributions
H. B. No. 262 Enact Child Access Prevention Tax Credit Act
H. B. No. 264 Modify municipal income tax withholding rule re: temp worksite
H. B. No. 268 Exempt sale of investment metal bullion and coins from sales tax
H. B. No. 323 Authorize income tax credit for certain education expenses
H. B. No. 357 Index homestead exemption amounts to inflation
H. B. No. 369 Enact the School Board Fairness Act
H. B. No. 399 Authorize tax credit for sound recording production investment
H. B. No. 412 Require certain tax-related addresses to be published online
H. B. No. 436 Regards port authority contracts and bond authority
H. B. No. 443 Allow tax credit for employer group health plan premiums
H. B. No. 470 Authorize tax credit for developers of certain housing projects
H. B. No. 471 Exempt sale of certain firearms, ammo from sales and use taxes
H. B. No. 482 Create a Tax Fraud Study Commission
H. B. No. 501 Authorize property taxes for school resource officer services