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Ways and Means Committee Bills

Committee Bills
Bill Title
H. B. No. 1 Modify the law regarding property taxation and income tax rates
H. B. No. 39 Make the earned income tax credit partially refundable
H. B. No. 53 Authorize refundable tax credits for hiring certain veterans
H. B. No. 57 Index the homestead exemption to inflation
H. B. No. 60 Increase amount of and expand the homestead exemption
H. B. No. 66 Regards bad debts for cigarette, tobacco and vapor products taxes
H. B. No. 90 Authorize property tax exemption for disabled veterans, spouses
H. B. No. 105 Regards filing of municipal income tax returns
H. B. No. 108 Enact Nonprofit Workforce Reinvestment Act
H. B. No. 116 Regards deduction of bonus depreciation and expensing allowances
H. B. No. 118 Exempt certain baby products from sales and use tax