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Government Oversight Committee Bills

Committee Bills
Bill Title
H. J. R. No. 3 Applies to Congress for a Convention of the States
H. C. R. No. 4 Urge Congress enact law re: trains carrying hazardous materials
H. C. R. No. 12 Express that Ohio stands with Texas; denounce open-border policy
H. C. R. No. 15 Urge inclusion of Peter "Pete" Rose on MLB Hall of Fame ballot
H. B. No. 16 Enact the Ethics and Financial Disclosure Reform Act
H. C. R. No. 18 To urge the United States Congress to enact the Safeguard American Voter Eligibility (SAVE) Act.
H. B. No. 21 Require presidential primary election to be held in May
H. B. No. 40 Create a permanent absent voter list
H. R. No. 56 Urge support CA: abolish corporate personhood and money as speech
H. B. No. 62 Limit the locations at which a person has no duty to retreat
S. B. No. 71 Enact Data Analysis Transparency Archive (DATA) Act
H. B. No. 112 Enact the Ohio Anti-Corruption Act
H. B. No. 144 Allow an August special election for certain purposes
S. B. No. 158 Regards disbursement of municipal funds by residents
H. B. No. 170 Enact Extreme Risk Protection Order Act
H. B. No. 175 Enact the Keep Every Home Safe Act
H. B. No. 180 Prohibit municipal, charter county curfew except in certain cases
S. B. No. 195 Establish Ohio Ireland Trade Commission
H. B. No. 208 Require political party registration to vote in party's primary
H. B. No. 210 Require political party registration to vote in party's primary
H. B. No. 217 Require trigger locks be attached, provided with firearms sales
H. B. No. 218 Restore local authority to generally regulate firearm conduct
H. B. No. 228 Rename the Vern Riffe Center as the Tawnya Salyer Memorial Center
H. B. No. 267 Require board of education primaries; partisan ballot elections
H. B. No. 309 Regards firearms transfers, criminal background checks
H. R. No. 310 Condemn Pres Xi Jinping's support of Russia in Russia-Ukraine War.
H. B. No. 311 Regards ticket prices for school-affiliated events
H. R. No. 312 Express support for Israel and demand Hamas release hostages.
H. R. No. 313 Condemn Russian President Vladimir Putin for support of Hamas.
H. B. No. 345 Enact the Ohio Personal Privacy Act
H. R. No. 376 Urge induction of Tracy Chapman into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
H. B. No. 391 Revise laws governing accessible parking
H. B. No. 392 Add nitrogen hypoxia as a method of execution
H. B. No. 404 Regards General Assembly member use of personal electronic device
H. B. No. 418 Regards carrying a concealed handgun, licensee's duties
H. B. No. 419 Enact the Universal Background Checks Act
H. B. No. 421 Establish the Ohio Task Force on Gun Violence
H. B. No. 427 Enact Employment, Opportunities for Persons with Disabilities Act
H. B. No. 428 Establish supplemental benefit for certain SNAP recipients
H. B. No. 433 Prohibit carrying mass casualty weapons
H. B. No. 437 Require advance political party registration to vote in primary
H. B. No. 443 Alter law governing the regulation of pet stores
H. B. No. 444 Prohibit utilities from recovering political expenditure costs
H. B. No. 457 Modifies voter registration procedures for electors who move
H. B. No. 467 Creates an exemption to candidate disclosure of name change
H. B. No. 471 Regards protests against primary election candidates
H. B. No. 475 Regards state and local funding of abortion providers
H. B. No. 499 Create grants for housing near megaprojects; revise property law
H. B. No. 500 Prohibit unauthorized displays of symbols on bridges or highways
H. B. No. 508 Enact the Super Bowl Entourage Expense Act
H. B. No. 514 Require names submitted by the BMV be included on the jury list
H. B. No. 526 Regards pass-through of Ohio Works First support payments
H. B. No. 532 Expand "peace officer" to include bailiffs and probation officers
H. B. No. 544 Prohibit unauthorized displays of symbols on bridges, buildings
H. B. No. 546 Require Ohio election ballots to have an identifying watermark
H. B. No. 551 Prohibit firearm possession by persons unlawfully present in U.S.
H. B. No. 552 Enact the Voter Verification Act
H. B. No. 589 Prohibit executing death sentence by nitrogen gas administration
H. B. No. 600 Regards municipal officer's legal expenses upon complaint
H. B. No. 604 Allow GA member to determine aide's work-from-home hours
H. B. No. 607 Establish delegate appointing procedure-constitution convention
H. B. No. 609 Modify Campaign Finance Law re: foreign nationals, initiatives
H. B. No. 612 Require state employee training on neurodivergency engagement
H. B. No. 613 Require biannual audit of House human resources practices
H. B. No. 614 Enact the Statehouse Nazi Symbol Removal Act
H. B. No. 618 Define antisemitism for specified purposes
H. B. No. 622 Regards libraries displaying matter harmful to juveniles