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Government Oversight Committee Bills

Committee Bills
Bill Title
H. J. R. No. 3 Applies to Congress for a Convention of the States
H. C. R. No. 4 Urge Congress enact law re: trains carrying hazardous materials
H. B. No. 16 Enact the Ethics and Financial Disclosure Reform Act
H. B. No. 21 Require presidential primary election to be held in May
H. B. No. 40 Create a permanent absent voter list
H. B. No. 51 Enact the Second Amendment Preservation Act
H. R. No. 56 Urge support CA: abolish corporate personhood and money as speech
H. B. No. 62 Limit the locations at which a person has no duty to retreat
S. B. No. 71 Enact Data Analysis Transparency Archive (DATA) Act
H. B. No. 87 Prohibit government purchase of non-U.S. made U.S. or Ohio flag
S. B. No. 91 Regards fraud, waste, and abuse of public funds
S. B. No. 92 Allow special election to be held in August for certain purposes
H. B. No. 112 Enact the Ohio Anti-Corruption Act
H. B. No. 144 Allow an August special election for certain purposes
H. B. No. 170 Enact Extreme Risk Protection Order Act
H. B. No. 175 Enact the Keep Every Home Safe Act
H. B. No. 180 Prohibit municipal, charter county curfew except in certain cases
H. B. No. 208 Require political party registration to vote in party's primary
H. B. No. 210 Require political party registration to vote in party's primary
H. B. No. 217 Require trigger locks be attached, provided with firearms sales
H. B. No. 218 Restore local authority to generally regulate firearm conduct
H. B. No. 228 Rename the Vern Riffe Center as the Tawnya Salyer Memorial Center
H. B. No. 257 Authorize certain public bodies to meet virtually
H. B. No. 267 Require board of education primaries; partisan ballot elections
H. B. No. 272 Allow concealed carry in certain buildings with a courtroom