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Commerce and Labor Committee Bills

Committee Bills
Bill Title
S. C. R. No. 2 Urge Congress to change the Fair Labor Standards Act re: minors
S. B. No. 30 Allow person under 16 to work after 7 p.m. during the school year
H. B. No. 42 Regulate employment practices-formula retail and food services
S. B. No. 56 Enter the Interstate Massage Compact (IMpact)
H. B. No. 58 Enact the Provider of Boutique Services Opportunity Act
H. B. No. 65 Regards State Fire Code and Building Code
S. B. No. 90 Enter the Social Work Licensure Compact
S. B. No. 96 Allow employers to post certain labor law notices on internet
H. B. No. 96 Increase the state minimum wage
H. B. No. 115 Enact Ohio Equal Pay Act
H. B. No. 273 Allow employers to post certain labor law notices on the internet
H. B. No. 282 Require Director of Commerce to establish an indoor mold program
H. B. No. 306 Revise Alcohol Franchise Law, Liquor Control Law
H. B. No. 327 Require certain contractors and employers to use E-verify
H. B. No. 334 Enact STAND UP Act
H. B. No. 398 Prohibit employers from seeking wage or salary history
H. B. No. 461 Creates the F-13 liquor permit for temporary on-premises sales