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Commerce and Labor Committee Bills

Committee Bills
Bill Title
H. C. R. No. 10 Urge Congress enact Protecting the Right to Organize Act of 2021.
H. C. R. No. 16 Encourages gender equity and diversity in leadership.
H. B. No. 46 Exempt certain liquor permit holders from 2021 renewal
H. B. No. 68 Require private construction project owner to timely pay
H. B. No. 69 Increase state minimum wage
H. B. No. 81 Revise laws governing massage establishments / massage therapy
H. B. No. 88 Require license for commercial roofing contractors
H. B. No. 107 Revise the Elevator Law
H. B. No. 146 Regards applying Prevailing Wage Law to certain public projects
H. B. No. 156 Regulate employment practices of certain retail / food employers
H. B. No. 158 Prohibit use of certain firefighting foam for testing/training
H. B. No. 163 Prohibit mandatory nurse overtime
H. B. No. 181 Regards licensure for persons who complete apprenticeship
H. B. No. 187 Require employer provide earnings and deductions statements
H. B. No. 208 Enact Ohio Fairness Act; prohibit certain types of discrimination
H. B. No. 218 Extend bar hours; exempt bars from statewide curfew
H. B. No. 232 Enact Ohio Equal Pay Act
H. B. No. 233 Require anonymous system to report wage discrimination
H. B. No. 235 Enact the High Hazard Training Certification
H. B. No. 272 Regards transparency by certain online sellers
H. B. No. 275 Expand political subdivision joint purchasing authority
H. B. No. 277 Revise regulation of cosmetologists and barbers