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Speaker Pro Tempore Kirk Schuring Outlines Process to Determine House's Future Leader

May 29, 2018
Republican Newsroom

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COLUMBUS—Speaker Pro Tempore of the Ohio House Kirk Schuring (R-Canton) today has outlined a process that will determine the House’s future leader.

“In the time since our caucus convened to elect a nominee for Speaker, I have been exploring a multitude of options that could garner the necessary support,” Schuring said. “As a caucus and as an institution, our top priority must be to secure a timely outcome that will make it possible for the House to return to the business of passing meaningful legislation.”

Therefore, Rep. Schuring has established a mechanism to end the stalemate. The process features two options (Plan A and Plan B), which will be determined based on which plan receives the most votes of support between the majority and minority caucuses. Whichever option receives more votes determines the plan moving forward into next week’s session on June 6th.

Plan A: Call a session to vote on electing a new Speaker. Under this scenario, the House would follow the outlined procedures for electing a new Speaker. Upon the completion of this process, a new Speaker would be elected and take the oath.

Plan B: Call a session to vote to amend House rules, which would allow the Speaker Pro Tempore to oversee the full duties and responsibilities of the Office of Speaker. That includes permitting the House to address legislation.

The deadline for members to contact Rep. Schuring with their preferred option—Plan A or Plan B—is Friday, June 1st at 5 p.m.