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Speaker Batchelder Releases Statement on MBR Bills

House committees will ensure thoughtful consideration and input from Ohioans
March 18, 2014
Republican Newsroom

Members of the Ohio House of Representatives today unveiled a package of bills that together comprise the mid-biennial review (MBR), a 1,600-page document introduced by Governor John Kasich to initiate a series of policy reforms. Speaker of the Ohio House William G. Batchelder (R-Medina) released the following statement on the House’s introduction of the issue-specific bills:

“Governor Kasich presented the House with a comprehensive, policy-rich mid-biennial review that accomplishes a number of goals, from tax reform to veterans issues. To ensure that all aspects of the MBR receive thorough consideration and input by Ohioans, we have split the proposal into 14 separate bills that have been assigned to 11 different committees. This approach ensures that each component of the MBR will receive the time and attention it deserves from individuals with experience on the topic. I encourage Ohioans to share their thoughts and ideas with members of the committees and help to fine-tune these legislative initiatives.”

Below are the components of the MBR and the committees they have been assigned to:

  • House Bill 369 (Rep. Robert Sprague – Mental health/drug addiction components), Finance and Appropriations Committee
  • House Bill 375 (Rep. Matt Huffman – Severance tax), Ways and Means Committee
  • House Bill 472 (Rep. Jeff McClain – Tax reform), Ways and Means Committee
  • House Bill 483 (Rep. Ron Amstutz – Appropriation changes and minor policy changes), Finance and Appropriations Committee
  • House Bill 484 (Reps. Cliff Rosenberger and Tim Brown – Higher education reform), Finance and Appropriations Subcommittee on Higher Education
  • House Bill 485 (Reps. Ryan Smith and Terry Johnson – Creation of the Office of Human Services Innovation), Health and Aging Committee
  • House Bill 486 (Reps. Nan Baker and Gerald Stebelton – Workforce development reforms), Economic Development and Regulatory Reform Committee
  • House Bill 487 (Rep. Andrew Brenner – Education reform), Education Committee
  • House Bill 488 (Reps. Mike Dovilla and Al Landis – Veterans issues), Veterans Affairs Committee
  • House Bill 489 (Rep. Terry Blair – Lease-leaseback provision), State and Local Government Committee
  • House Bill 490 (Reps. Dave Hall and Andy Thompson – DNR/Ag./EPA reforms), Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee
  • House Bill 491 (Reps. Jim Buchy and Lou Blessing – Lottery/casino changes), Policy and Legislative Oversight Committee
  • House Bill 492 (Rep. Gary Scherer – Tax corrective changes), Ways and Means Committee
  • House Bill 493 (Reps. Barbara Sears and Mike Henne – BWC reforms), Insurance Committee