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Schmidt Issues Statement on Governor's Announcement

May 13, 2021
Republican Newsroom

COLUMBUS – State Representative Jean Schmidt (R-Miami Twp.) today issued the following statement on Governor DeWine’s recent announcement:

“I’m pleased to see that the Governor has decided to lift the majority of health orders and mandates in Ohio.  There is little doubt that this announcement is in response to SB22 becoming law in just a matter of weeks.  In fact, yesterday, the Ohio House prepared a resolution to end state mandates beginning with the effective date of the legislation.  The People’s House responded to the concerns of Ohioans, and we will no longer have endless mandates and health orders in Ohio from unelected bureaucrats in Columbus. 

Further, I have always believed that a vaccine is a decision that is best left up to a person and their doctor.  Personally, while I encourage Ohioans to receive the vaccine – it is their choice – and using taxpayer dollars to incentivize something of this nature is an abuse of public resources, regardless of whether it is federal money or not.  

We are facing a severe shortage in the workforce at this time.  Our workforce is being encouraged to stay home causing staffing issues at many Ohio businesses.  This money would be better spent helping our job creators.”