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Reps. Sprague and Anielski Introduce Bill to Expand Options for the Terminally Ill

July 29, 2015
Republican Newsroom

State Representatives Robert Sprague (R-Findlay) and Marlene Anielski (R-Walton Hills) introduced legislation that would allow for terminally ill patients the opportunity to try a drug that is not approved by the United State Food and Drug Administration, while also permitting a drug manufacturer to provide such a drug to the patient or physician.

House Bill 290 places the control in the hands of the patient or their guardians, while ensuring that they are completely informed and aware of the possible risks and unknown effectiveness associated with investigational medications.  

“House Bill 290 will give terminally ill patients another option,” said Representative Sprague. “We want to ensure that Ohioans have an opportunity to utilize treatments that might have the potential to improve their health or save their lives.”

Four states across the country have already enacted “Right to Try” legislation, while it is under consideration in approximately eight more. Currently, Congress is considering “The Compassionate Freedom of Choice Act”, a federal law that would prevent the FDA from restricting the importation, manufacture, and sale of investigational drugs intended to treat terminally ill patients.

House Bill 290 currently awaits a House committee assignment.