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Reps Dovilla and Anielski Provide Sponsor Testimony on College Credit Plus Legislation

February 16, 2016
Republican Newsroom

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State Representatives Mike Dovilla (R-Berea) and Marlene Anielski (R-Walton Hills) today provided sponsor testimony on House Bill 445 before of the House Education Committee.
House Bill 445, sponsored by Representatives Dovilla and Anielski, is crafted to provide a better experience of the College Credit Plus Program (CCPlus) for both students and school districts. The legislation makes common-sense changes to the current structure of the CCPlus by taking into account the concerns of local school districts. The legislative changes are as follows:

1. Courses taken under the CCPlus program that are not comparable to courses taken under other advanced placement  programs or courses designated as honors by a high school will not be awarded a weighted grade to enhance a student’s academic standing;

2. If a course is offered at a student’s high school under the current CCPlus program, that student will be required to take the course offered in a high school curriculum rather than a comparable college course;

3. High school credit for courses under CCPlus will be awarded at a ratio of one unit of high school credit for every four hours of college credit;

4. Textbooks purchased for courses under the CCPlus program will remain the property of whomever that paid for such course materials;

5. High school students will not be denied the opportunity to engage in extracurricular activities, regardless of how many CCPlus courses they are taking.

“After conversations with our local superintendents and principals, it has become apparent that some improvements are needed in the CCPlus program,” said Dovilla.  “I support CCPlus and other programs that allow for intellectually mature students to obtain college credit. As with any large state initiated program, however, some improvements to College Credit are needed to address the concerns of our residents and improve its effectiveness for participating students.”

“House Bill 445 is a common sense adjustment that aims to benefit the students and the school districts,” said Rep. Anielski.  “After discussions with both the school districts and the Department of Higher Education, I feel that this draft is the best possible compromise to improve the College Credit Plus Program.”
House Bill 445 remains in the House Education Committee for additional hearings.