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Representative Romanchuk Applauds the Release of Capital Funds to North Central State College

March 21, 2016
Republican Newsroom

Representative Mark Romanchuk (R-Ontario) today announced that the Ohio Controlling Board approved the release of capital funds for improvement projects at North Central State College. The funds will be used for the Kee Hall Renovation project and the Fallerius Hall IT Data Center Infrastructure project in Mansfield, Richland County.

“I was happy to see North Central State College receive capital funds in order to update and enhance their facilities,” said Rep. Romanchuk. “In an ever changing world, it’s important that our community colleges  implement upgrades to help their students be the best that they can be.”

According to documents from the Office of Budget and Management, North Central State College will be granted $170,000.00 for costs associated with the renovation of Kee Hall. This project will consist of renovating part of the existing Kee Hall to enhance student services. Student service offices will be moved into the hall so that students have all that they need in one place, eliminating travel.

Additionally, $613,000.00 will be released to North Central State College for the Fallerius Hall IT Data Center. Funding will be used to install new equipment to the data center to address current issues including inadequate power, inefficient air conditioning, lack of redundant UPS power, and lack of fire protection, all of which that could cause data loss. Building renovations all proved essential to the data center project.

Both of these capital projects will have a positive impact on Richland County, most notably to benefit North Central State College students.