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Representative Mark Romanchuk Announces Passage of Ohio Cyber Reserve Legislation

October 10, 2019
Republican Newsroom

COLUMBUS – State lawmakers have given final approval to a plan creating the “Ohio Cyber Reserve” to help better protect Ohioans from cyberattacks, State Representative Mark Romanchuk announced today. 

The measure, Senate Bill 52, was unanimously approved by both the Ohio House and Ohio Senate.

Romanchuk (R-Ontario), who introduced the legislation in the 132nd General Assembly and helped shepherd it through the Ohio House this year, applauded the measure’s passage.

“The safety and security of Ohioans needs to keep pace with the times,” Romanchuk said. “This legislation will not only protect our state from cyberattacks but help ensure the integrity of our elections.”

Senate Bill 52 allows the governor to organize and maintain the Ohio Cyber Reserve, which will be trained to educate and protect state and local governments, businesses and citizens from cyberattacks.

The measure also will help protect critical infrastructure from cyberattacks, including Ohio’s election systems. The bill makes Ohio’s secretary of state a member of the Department of Public Safety’s Homeland Security Advisory Council.

The bill now goes to Governor Mike DeWine for his signature.