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Rep. Pelanda: HB 213 Will Establish Greater Rights for Foster Youth

January 22, 2014
Republican Newsroom

State Representative Dorothy Pelanda (R-Marysville) has announced that the Ohio House of Representatives passed legislation to revise Ohio law pertaining to child custody, guardians ad litem, and foster caregivers, to ensure that minors who are involved with Ohio’s children services agencies are treated just like every child in the state of Ohio.

Specifically, House Bill 213:

• Mandates training requirements and content of reports for court-appointed guardians who are in powerful positions to steer the foster child’s future
• Allows foster parents and foster children to participate in court hearings and to express their opinions about a return to the biological family
• Permits foster children to participate in normal childhood activities, such as spending the night with a friend, by clarifying that state agencies are not liable for those events
• Creates a medical registry enabling pediatricians who treat foster children to have access to the child’s medical records

“This bill is the first step in our state’s goal of improving the quality of life for some of Ohio’s neediest children,” said Rep. Pelanda.

The legislation arose from a study that was conducted by the Foster Care Advisory Board.

House Bill 213 passed with unanimous support and will now move to the Ohio Senate for further consideration.