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Rep. Dovilla Applauds House Passage of Absentee Voting Reform Bill

Measures designed to provide assistance to absentee ballot voters
February 20, 2014
Republican Newsroom

State Representative Mike Dovilla (R-Berea) today announced the Ohio House of Representatives passed Senate Bill 205, which provides for uniform, voter-friendly reforms for absentee ballot voting.

Senate Bill 205, as amended in committee, allows absentee ballot voters to be notified if their absentee ballot identification envelope is incomplete or does not match their information in the statewide voter database. Under this provision, boards of election are required to notify the voter and provide them with seven days to correct the deficiency.

“I am pleased that we were able to work with the League of Women Voters and the Coalition on Homelessness and Housing in Ohio to implement absentee ballot election reforms which benefit all Ohioans,” said Rep. Dovilla. “Allowing boards of election to contact absentee ballot voters and provide those voters with a substantial amount of time to correct their ballot is common sense.”

In addition, to providing a cure period for absentee ballot voters, S.B. 205:
• establishes uniform rules for the mailing of unsolicited absentee ballot applications throughout the state;
• permits a disabled or illiterate voter to receive assistance with the completion of the identification envelope; and
• Permits a board of elections to preprint a voter’s name and address on the identification envelope before mailing the ballots.
S.B. 205 will now head to the Senate for a concurrence vote.